Monday, June 2, 2008

What a "shocker!"

Most guys nowadays are obsessed with "the shocker," my brother included. If you don't know what that is, please look it up at

Joe and some of his buddies have a hand sticker on the back of their cars making this lovely gesture. On my way home from work a couple of weeks ago, I called home to see what was for dinner. After discussing our dinner options, mom asked if I knew what that hand sticker is on the back of Joe's car. My response was to ask Joe. She told me she did and he wouldn't tell her.

I went back and forth with her b/c I didn't want to tell her either. Its not something you jsut come out to tell your mother and I didn't know how to explain this over the phone without saying "2 in the p**k, 1 in the st**k."

I finally gave in and talked her through making the gesture with her own hands and explaining what was done with the "2" and what was done with the "1." There was a slight pause and I said, "get it?"

She got it alright and then informed me that my brother's friend put one of these stickers on the back of his mother's car and she didn't know what it was or even that it was there!

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